Wednesday, June 2, 2010

American Imperialism Resources

The following is a list of resources that students will use throughout this unit on American Imperialism. All of the websites will be useful for the final newspaper project.

American Imperialism This site examines American Imperialism from the perspective of each territory involved: US, Latin America, China, and Cuba. It is a very useful resource for the final project.

19th Century America Vast amount of detail and resources related to Imperialism and the Spanish-American War. The most useful feature is the students follow links to examine the war from a variety of countries including these sites:

Motion Pictures This website will allow students to access short videos of various events during American Imperialism. The website also provides an excellent description of a variety of events from a variety of perspectives.

Literature of Spanish-American War This website provides a resource for students to access information related to prominent individuals from a variety of countries involved in American Imperialism.

Digital History Students can use the search feature to look up newspaper articles that were printed during the time of American Imperialism and the Spanish-American War.

Political Cartoons This website provides a variety of political cartoons that the students will be asked to analyze.

Newspaper Headlines The site map on this website provides a headline gallery for yellow journalism articles associated with the Spanish-American War. Students can click on each image to read the front page and then analyze the news articles.

Timeline This site provides an excellent timeline for the Spanish-American War and provides a detailed description of each event.

USS Maine Primary source from the NY Times which reports on the sinking of the USS Maine. This is a great example of yellow journalism.

Panama Canal This website provides an interactive video demonstrating step by step how the Panama Canal operates. Students will use this site as the basis for their screen cast.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blogging Assignment

So this is my blog for my Technology for Teachers class at Lewis. I've attached a picture of a future Flyer baseball player for visual appeal. I think the blog was relatively simple to create, navigate, and update. Our discussion on Tuesday centered around learning theory. After creating my lesson plans for both Word and Excel, I believe that my Microsoft Word lesson falls in line with the Transformative Uses theory. My lesson had centered around conducting internet research and applying the data to an economic principle. In doing so, students were engaged in higher level thinking skills by adapting their technology skills to a task but taking it one step further to explain their reasoning for choosing a vehicle for various uses.